What’s the Difference Between Flush Mount, Mud-In and Bezel Light Fixtures?

It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the difference in light mounting styles. There are so many variables that differentiate one light fixture from another that it’s easy to get lost in all the terminology.

There are a couple of primary styles for mounting your light fixtures: Flush mount and bezel. In this article, we’re going to go over the differences between these mounting styles and their best applications.

What is a Flush Mount Fixture?

A flush mount fixture is when the lighting fixture has the appearance of no trim or bezel. The trim is low profile and hidden under drywall mud. The finished look is much cleaner than a bezel fixture. When done with the appropriate flush mount light fixtures can appear as if it disappears in your ceiling.

A flush mount light fixture is characterized by its sleek design, appearing as if it has no visible trim or bezel. The trim is subtly integrated and concealed underneath the drywall. This results in a finished look that is notably cleaner and more streamlined compared to bezel fixtures. When installed correctly, flush mount light fixtures can create the illusion of seamlessly blending into your ceiling, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.

What is a Bezel Light Fixture?

A bezeled light fixture features a raised trim piece encircling the light fixture. This bezel can come in square or round shapes to suit different aesthetics. These trims range from thin, low-profile bezels that blend seamlessly with the ceiling to wider fixtures with thicker bezels, providing a distinct visual presence.

In contrast to mud-in light fixtures, the protruding bezel means that the fixtures you pick have a larger impact on the final appearance of your ceiling. However, bezeled light fixtures are usually cheaper to install thanks to the decreased labor time required for the exterior finish.

What Fixture Style is Best?

Whether a flush or bezel light fixture is best depends on your home’s design, budget and personal preference. Bezel light fixtures will be cheaper, but the width or thickness of the bezel could be obtrusive to your home’s design. Meanwhile, a flush mount fixture will give you the most seamless look for a little more effort. If you need help picking the right fixture for your Bay Area home, give us a call at 415-883-7700.

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