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Making Great Spaces Feel Extraordinary

Lighting design is the final touch that enhances the aesthetic of your interior design and is responsible for creating a welcoming ambiance. Trust the professionals at Lighting By Design to elevate your home or remodel today!

Why Should You Use a Lighting Designer?

Easy Decisions

We make choosing the right recessed lighting easy with our "good, better, best" options. You will get multiple options for each lighting fixture based on your finishes, artwork and your home's design. You can see the pricing of the fixtures up front to make your decision easy.

Tailored To You

We show you what you can do, but you control your final lighting design. Prioritize your best fixtures in primary spaces while using other fixtures in secondary spaces. We'll work with you and your design team to create a personalized lighting plan that fits your style and needs.

Transparent Process

We're committed to transparency and accessibility. We show all design and fixture prices up front. You are welcome to buy fixtures from us, have us price match or buy them elsewhere. At $3.50 a square foot for lighting design, we make sure anyone can enjoy quality lighting.

Quality Lighting Has Never Been Easier

We don’t want lighting design to be difficult. Our process makes it simple to illuminate your home look its best.


Review Options For Your Home

After reviewing your plans, we will educate you on your fixture options for your home and let you pick what you like.


Perfect Your Lighting Plan

Once we have a final, personalized lighting plan, we’ll review the plan and associated pricing and make any changes you’d like.


Enjoy Quality Lighting

You get to experience every fixture first hand, see the pricing, and make changes as you see fit. Then you get to do the best part: enjoy!

It's Time to Elevate Your Home Lighting

Our simplified, transparent process means quality lighting design and fixtures have never been this easy or this attainable! Get started today!

Relax! We have you covered

Innovative Services

Our unique approach gives you a customized lighting plan beyond what you can find anywhere else.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is the secret ingredient that makes a space extraordinary by adding depth, texture and character.

Highlight Features

Accent lighting pulls your eyes towards the unique features in your home and helps them stand out. What’s the point of having these beautiful touches if you don’t highlight them with light?

Landscape Lighting

Bring your outdoor space to life at night by illuminating landscaping and architectural touches in a captivating way.

Enhancing Your Finishes

The finishes in your home only look as good as the light illuminating them. Light your home with high quality lights that are consistent in color and enhance your space.

Customizable Light

Enhance the functionality of your home with lighting that can instantly adjust in color temperature and intensity to create the perfect ambiance. Ask us about tunable white and 0.1% dimming!

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