Ketra Lighting: Elevate your Lighting to the Final Echelon

Quality lighting can bring liven a dull space, but Ketra lights can redefine a space with the push of a button. Ketra has the coolest lights on the market, coming with four LEDs in each bulb. One LED is the traditional white color, while the other three are red, green and blue. This allows you to make any color imaginable. For those who don’t want to spice up their space with bold colors like pink or green, the extra colors allow the fixtures to fine tune how the white light affects your space.

Adjustable Color Temperature

Example of how Ketra lights can change the color temperature of a room

Thanks to the additional color options, Ketra lights can change how warm and cool they appear. A traditional “pure white” light is around 5500 Kelvin, while a warm halogen light is around 3000 Kelvin. A light that is cool or blue in temperature is around 8500 Kelvin. Regardless of the desired temperature, Beyond Lighting Design can adjust the lights to appear like any temperature on the Kelvin temperature scale at the push of a button.

Ketra’s Enhanced Vibrancy

Because of the tunable colors, Ketra can increase the vibrancy of colors in your space. Traditional LED lights can cause some colors such as reds to appear dull next to other colors that naturally “pop” under LED’s. Ketra lights can use the RGB to increase the vibrancy of some colors such as reds and oranges. This is an excellent option for highlighting artwork or other special pieces in your space.

What’s the Tradeoff?

Ketra sounds like it has everything, but everything comes at a price. These lighting fixtures can’t be integrated with Lutron’s Radio Ra2 system. Instead, you need the more expensive Homeworks system if you want to control them from Lutron’s panels. Otherwise, you can control them from Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The other drawback is cost. With so much technology in one fixture, these bulbs come at a decent price premium over a traditional home LED.

Whether or not Ketra is right for you, Lighting By Design can help you design and implement your home lighting system. Leave us a message!

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