High-Quality Lighting Design Services

For $3.50 per square foot, we will provide you with a comprehensive lighting design package that will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your space. We take the time to understand you, your home, your finishes and your designer’s unique lighting needs to steer our design. Now you can enjoy a beautiful and functional lighting design.

Included Services

To start, you and your design team will meet with us to discuss the lighting goals for your home. In this meeting, our goal is to get a clear understanding of your space, artwork, architectural details, any shelving and other details we may want to illuminate.

After we understand your lighting preferences, we create a custom lighting plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. We consider every detail, from your finishes and furnishings to your overall illumination goals, so that we can deliver the perfect lighting design for you.

To ensure you receive the best lighting design possible, each fixture will have a good, better and best option with their associated cost. We’ll ask clarifying questions to help you determine how to best complete your light fixture schedule.

Transform your home into an extraordinary space with our layered lighting solutions! Layered lighting is the secret ingredient that can add depth, texture, and character to any room, while accent lighting will make unique features in your home stand out. Our high-quality fixtures will give you consistent, quality lighting both indoors and outdoors.

We’ll invite you and your design team back to our space to discuss your lighting plan to ensure it fits all your design and illumination needs.

We’ll make any changes necessary to ensure it is exactly as you want. Additional revisions are available as an additional service. 

Additional Services

Aim and Focus Fixtures

An improperly aimed and focused light can create glare, unintended hot spots or shadows, which can look wrong or be uncomfortable to look at. Aiming and focusing the fixtures is imperative. You can do it with your electrician or bring us in to help.

On-Site Lighting Management

Are sight conditions making it difficult to implement the lighting plan as drawn? We can come on-sight and meet with you and your team to ensure your lighting plan goes in smoothly and make any necessary adjustments as required for installation.

Landscape Lighting

Why limit great lighting to indoor spaces? Landscape lighting lets you enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down. Properly crafted landscape lighting is designed to accentuate the character of your landscape and highlight any other outdoor features. It’s time to give your outdoor space a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Additional RFIs

If anyone on your design or build team needs more information, we’re happy to provide it for them in any format they need.

Additional Revisions

 Did you or your design team decide to alter your lighting goals or need to make additional revisions? No problem! We are happy to make additional revisions to ensure you get a lighting plan that makes your home feel special.

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