Landscape Lighting: An Outdoor Spectacle Under The Stars

Many of our clients are fortunate to have stunning outdoor spaces with unforgettable landscaping. While these spaces are beautiful during the day, most of us lead busy lives. We are spending our days either at work or exploring the countless treasures that California and the Bay Area have to offer.

Unfortunately, this often means returning home after the sun has set. However, just because the sun is down doesn’t mean you should miss out on enjoying your outdoor space. Thankfully, landscape lighting ensures you never miss out on your magnificent outdoor space while bringing some essential benefits.

An Inviting Space Worth Spending Time In

While a dark abyss isn’t welcoming, a well-lit outdoor space will feel welcoming. Late summer nights and spring afternoons have never been this good. Illuminated pathways ensure people can safely move around your space, including stairs and uneven areas. However, illuminating pathways that are surrounded by darkness can leave an eerie feeling. Thankfully, lighting tree canopies, architectural details and other outdoor feature bring depth and charm to your space that was previously limited to daytime. 

Outdoor lighting will make your outdoor space just as welcoming as your indoor space. Pair your outdoor lighting with outdoor audio and become the best place for summer afternoons.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Your Outdoor Space At Any Time Of The Day

You’ve always loved your outdoor space, but landscape lighting ensures you don’t limit when you can enjoy it. Landscape lighting highlights the best features of your outdoor space. Show off your trees and other outdoor features. Layers of lighting can add depth to your space that isn’t possible during the day. Even if you don’t want to be outside, you can still look out your window and enjoy your beautiful landscape. It doesn’t matter if it’s pitch black! Outdoor lighting will expand your space compared to an otherwise dark abyss.

While many associate landscape lighting as something only for entertaining, it can breathe new life into your space in the off months. Different colors of landscape lighting can highlight the reds of autumn and reveal a winter wonderland at the end of the year.

Security and Safety

An illuminated outdoor space can be a massive deterrent against crime. While illuminating paths make it safe to walk outside, decorating your outdoor space with landscape lighting drastically cuts down hiding spots in your yard and makes it difficult to approach your home under the guise of darkness.

Outdoor lighting can tastefully reveal safe places to walk for you and your guests. Illuminating fountains and other easy-to-stumble-on decorations make sure no one accidentally trips. You can also illuminate other common areas like stairways, driveways, patios, and decks to ensure your outdoor space is as easy to navigate as your indoor space.

Stop Limiting Your Night Time Adventures To Inside

Don’t limit your adventures to the indoors. You can probably bask in your outdoor space until 9 or 10pm in the summer. However, the sky gets pitch black as early as 5pm in the fall and winter. Outdoor lighting breathes life into the fall and winter nights, preserving the enchanting ambiance and making your outdoor space a mesmerizing sight.

With outdoor lighting, you prevent the sun from dictating your afternoon. Cook under the stars, listen to your favorite music with your outdoor audio system or invite your friends and family over to watch the game. 

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space to be enjoyable any time of the day, give us a call at 415-883-7700.

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