How Our Powerful Training Program Nurtures Lutron Experts

Here at SoundVision and Lighting By Design, we are servicing or installing Lutron-based systems daily. Our customers love Lutron! It’s not hard to see why either. Lutron has the best-in-class (RadioRa 2, RadioRa 3 and Homeworks) lighting control systems and the industry’s most versatile customization for motorized shades. These systems are incredibly customizable, with a wide variety of mounting and compatibility options to fit every window and lighting fixture. Making sure these systems are installed correctly requires a Lutron-certified technician. Lighting By Design has nine Lutron-certified technicians on staff, so someone is always available to install and service any system correctly.

Nearly all of Lighting By Design’s technicians are Lutron certified, and that’s not by coincidence! Lutron is one of the first things our new technicians get trained in. If one of our technicians learns something new or Lutron adds new features, our bi-weekly technician meetings help encourage sharing new information with the entire team. This process creates a group of technicians who are all experts on Lutron’s lighting control and motorized shade systems. 

Most electricians or competitors only have one Lutron specialist. That means if your Lutron system has an issue and that specialist is scheduled on installs for the next week, your system will remain down until that one technician is available again! It gets even worse if that one Lutron specialist leaves the company. Next time you call for a service or want to expand your system, the one man who understood your system is no longer available.

Meanwhile, our parent brand SoundVision, has a team of Lutron experts that guarantees that your Lutron shades and Lutron lighting control system can always be serviced or updated. Our dedicated service department also ensures that any issues you have can be quickly addressed. They are Lutron certified as well! What if the SoundVision technician that originally programmed your system has left the company? No worries! We keep all our original schematics, documentation and the original project for your system’s programming. It’s one of the many steps we take to do things the right way, not the easy way.

SoundVision technicians replacing a shade with manufacturing issues.

If serviceability and a well-trained team are important to you for your home remodel, our team may be the best fit for your project. Call us at 415-883-7700 or send us a message here to discuss how Lutron’s motorized shades or RadioRa 2/RadioRa 3/Homeworks lighting control systems can fit your home.

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