Discover Why Your Home Illumination Needs Warm Dim LEDs

The lighting industry has come a long way since the invention of the incandescent bulb. As LED lighting technology continues its quest to replicate the love and charisma of halogen bulbs, its latest offering in this pursuit is warm dim lights. 

Natural Warm Dim in Halogen Bulbs

Warm dim lights were one of the key reasons halogen bulbs went mainstream. Warm dim is when a bulb becomes warmer in color (more “orange”) as the brightness is lowered. In homes, a warm dim light generally goes from 3000k kelvin and warms to 2000k-1850k as the brightness decreases.

Halogen bulbs naturally had warm dim. The more power that went through the bulb, the more the filament was heated, and the closer to “white” the light became. As the lights were dimmed, less electrical current was run through them, warming the color of the filament and creating a “warm dim.” 

Can LED Lights Have Warm Dim?

Meanwhile, the inherent design of an LED makes mimicking this phenomenon difficult. An LED creates light by energizing a diode (a special semiconductor that produces light). The more energy running through the diode, the more it illuminates. Unfortunately for home lighting, the color of this light remains consistent regardless of the brightness. To simulate a warm dim, LED fixtures have two or more LEDs of different colors acting as one. There is a lot of magic behind the scenes to smooth the transition between the two LEDs and keep the lighting pattern the same, but the result is a lighting fixture that functions like any other non-warm-dim LED.

Why Do I Want Warm Dim?

Just because the halogen bulbs had warm dim doesn’t mean it’s good, right? Warm dim has a lot of benefits that make it great for home lighting.

The Kruithof Curve: Why Our Eyes Love Warm Dim

The Kruithof Curve was formed from a series of studies to determine what color light is most pleasing to us. The study also determined when lights would be perceived as warmish or coolish. In summary, the study proved that we prefer warmer hue colors as lights dim and become less bright.

How Our Eyes Handle Bright vs Dim Lighting

This is no coincidence, but rather the result of the inner construction of our vision. Our eyes possess two types of photoreceptor cells: rods and cones. Rods are highly sensitive to blue hues, while cones are more attuned to red hues. When we’re in a brighter space, our eyes use red-sensitive cones, which is why we prefer cooler lights. As we enter darker spaces, our vision transitions to rods (blue-sensitive), making us prefer warmer lights. 

Warm dim technology helps ensure your lighting feels comfortable at any brightness. Without warm dim, a bright LED fixture will feel fine at full brightness but would feel cold or blue as it dimmed.

Reduced Blue Light Exposure

Reducing blue light exposure at home is crucial to remaining relaxed. As a result, warm dim is easy on the eyes and makes it easier to unwind from the day. Unlike harsh, cool white LEDs, warm dim creates a soothing environment that promotes relaxation and well-being.

Warm Dim Fixtures Promote Better Sleep

Warm dim helps you sleep better. The blue light exposure of a non-warm-dim fixture at lower brightnesses affects our circadian rhythms. Additionally, the lack of warm dim at lower brightnesses suppresses our melatonin production, the hormone responsible for our sleep. Warm dim decreases the cold and sterile feeling of LEDs in your home and helps you rest easy, making you feel better every day.

Increased Relaxation With Warm Dim

Warmer lighting fixtures are proven to play a significant role in promoting relaxation. As you prepare to wind down at the end of your day, simply dimming the lights in your home can transform the atmosphere, making it feel more intimate and inviting. While traditional non-warm dim LEDs may emit a harsh and almost clinical quality of light at lower brightness levels, warm-dim fixtures offer a comforting and soothing ambiance, perfect for helping you relax and unwind.

Are You Ready For Warm Dim?

If you’re seeking better sleep and a more comfortable visual experience at lower light levels, Lighting By Design is here to guide you through your warm-dim transformation. Contact us today at 415-883-7700, and let us help you create the perfect lighting ambiance for your space.

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